About Cheryl


Cheryl believes in the importance of supporting life. She is a strong supporter of Kansas citizen’s right to protect their family and their property, and she believes in the importance of educating our children. Cheryl also believes in the importance of economic growth and job creation. She believes in supporting the private sector to help create jobs and working to get government out of people’s way.

Cheryl’s experience in education is an invaluable trait. Her passion for helping kids to learn while also helping businesses and the Kansas economy thrive is a combination that will help to grow this state for years to come. She believes that now is the time for conservative leaders to step up and to bring about new leadership for the state of Kansas and she looks forward to doing just that.

Cheryl is a resident of Mulvane, Kansas where she lives on a small farm in the 79th district. She currently works as a school counselor for Wichita Allen Elementary school and teaches college courses. She has been working in public education for almost 40 years and has a passion for working with children and helping them to grow and learn. In her spare time, Cheryl likes to compete as a barrel racer. She also helps to teach kids how to care for horse’s at her family farm.